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Have you hired a new employee, moved your location or changed your contact information? If you are unable to adjust your design files, then choose this level of design help to have our graphics team do it for you. Please provide all the final text in the Instructions text box to the right and upload your files or include the prior order number where we can pull your print files from to have our experienced graphic designers set up the multiple cards requested.

The final cost of design depends on the clarity of direction provided for the final layout and the assets provided. Design help is non-refundable once a final estimate is confirmed and our designers have begun your creative work.

Hire one of our experienced in-house designers to help you with everything you need printed ranging from easy adjustments to previous artwork, resizing graphics for multiple jobs and changing contact information on business cards to logo design and branding, complete printed packages for events and complex folding brochures and booklets. Whatever the size, our team is eager to help make your project perfect. Take advantage of working with our in-house graphic team that are experts in everything we print at Clubcard.

In order to reduce time and costs for you, the entire creative process is completed online. Simply supply us all the details of your design project so we can fully understand what you are looking for and the scope of the work. Be sure to include clear information on the type of job you need printed, the final text, the colors you like and don’t like, fonts, positioning of photographs, layout of text and design elements and anything else you feel is important for us to accurately estimate your graphics project. Based on your provided details, we will determine which one of our experienced in-house graphic designers is best suited for your work. You can even include hand-drawn layouts and ideas and pics of cards you like and don’t like, just so we understand your aesthetic and style.

You can keep the design help hours to a minimum. Maybe you have all your design elements including company logo files, photographs and examples of layouts you have printed in the past and simply need help to change the text, replace the logo and add photographs. Easy Peasy! Simply upload all these files with all the final details and we will then send you the final determination of design help for you to confirm and get the job moving.

The most typical design help costs range from a simple 15 minute adjustment or correction to more complex work at 5 hours of time. With your best guess and based on your information outlining the scope of your work, select the amount of time you believe it will take. Do you want time spent on photo correction or designing custom elements on top of setting up your cards. That could be 2-3 hours of design help. Or do you simply need to change information or resize a previously printed file? Easy! That would be approximately 15 minutes.

Whatever the size of your design job, our experienced in-house designers are eager to make your ideas a reality. Once we have reviewed all of your instructions, we will either confirm you have selected the correct amount of design help or explain why it should be less or more. Either way, our project managers will finalize all your materials and provide you with a final estimate, based on the clarity and direction of your design job.

When you receive this final estimate confirming the amount of design help, simply confirm and order the product you need printed so we can move full steam ahead on your graphics job. Design time is not refundable once work has begun.

We charge $100 per hour for all design, layout or typesetting work, billed in 15-minute increments.

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