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Foil Effects Cards 16pt

Print unlimited and custom foil colors on 16 point coated card stock with Clubcard's foil effects print method. This unique printing method allows you to print half tones, shades and gradients in foil; something that's not possible with traditional foil stamping. 


Clubcard prints a range of sizes from small cards and business cards to postcards and presentation folders on this sturdy 16 point card stock. You can even print foil effects stickers for across the board brand consistency! 


We are able to offer unlimited foil colors by printing in full color on top of a layer of silver foil that is placed under the parts of the design you want to be in foil.


Foil effects is a very affordable way to get the high end look without a high end budget, making this a superb choice for enhancing any size of card or creating elegant presentation folders and stickers.