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Coated One Side Cards 18pt

18 point coated one side card stock (18pt C1S stock as printers refer to it), offers the advantage of coated and uncoated cards on the same stock.


Typically, the coated side of the card is best for logos, branding and photos as the smooth coating is better for color vibrancy. The reverse uncoated side has a matte appearance with the advantage being the ability to write on the uncoated surface without worries of smudging.


Please note that colors printed on the uncoated side of this card stock will be more subtle and muted compared to the coated side of the stock. 

Clubcard prints this 18pt C1S stock on our digital press making it great for rush printing of cards of all sizes, brochures, and posters. You can print as few as 10 units and up to 10 different versions of artwork on this digitally printed option.