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Celebrating 30 Years! Enter code 30YRS to save $30 on orders over $100
Business Card Design and Printing Tips

Business Card Design and Printing Tips

Despite the meteoric rise of social media as the communication medium of the masses the tradition of exchanging business cards is alive, well and thriving. While social connections occur over the air with a swipe or a click business connections still rely on the ritual of a handshake and exchange of business cards.

The tradition of sharing cards dates back as far as the French court when name cards we exchanged between the courtiers at gatherings. Calling cards were soon adopted by the newly rich business and entrepreneur classed during the industrial revolution paving the way for the modern business cards still in use today.

In this video blog Mike Wilson the co-founder of Clubcard Printing discusses the basics of business card design from what information to include on your cards and offers tips on printing your cards, including how to choose a card stock, ink colours and finishes.

Clubcard Printing was founded in 1994 and brings 22 years of printing experience to help ensure your business cards are as unique as you are. With shops located in Vancouver Canada and San Francisco as well as full online ordering Clubcard offers a variety of options for business card printing including rush digital printing, full colour offset printing and traditional Letterpress spot colour printing.

When you're ready to design and print your business cards you can choose from a selection of stocks including recycled, matte, uncoated, glossy, textured, cotton, black and Kraft card stocks. Customizing your business cards with edge painting, spot gloss, foil finishes, lamination or custom shape die-cutting or embossing is easy at Clubcard.

Ask us for a free sample pack so you can see and feel the stocks we offer - get a free sample pack in Canada or get a free sample pack in the USA.

Save 15% on your first order at Clubcard when you sign up for our newsletter in Canada or sign up for our newsletter in the USA.

Thank you to Ahmet Deger Facebook: yegcalligraphy, Instagram: @yegcalligraphy and Tavish Gilmour of Vanbex for allowing us to use their black cards as samples in this post.

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