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Working From Home


With the current Coronavirus concerns you and your employer may be looking at scenarios involving working from home.

Don't stress - this may be a change you really enjoy! If you've never worked from home or tend to work better under supervision here are some tips for successful telecommuting.


1. Set A Routine And Be Present

Set A Routine And Be Present


Confirm what hours you are expected to be available and make sure you're present during those hours. Ghosting your co-workers or supervisor during work hours is a huge no no and can become a serious problem quickly.

In other words if you are working 9 to 5 - make sure you're actively answering your emails, phone and intra-company chats during this time.


2. Set Ground Rules About Your Workspace

Set Ground Rules About Your Workspace


Working from home does not mean you're offering free daycare or petcare services, stick to the same care routines you had before working at home.

If your children, partner or roommate come home while you're working set your expectations about noise and space.


4. Take Scheduled Breaks

Take Scheduled Breaks


Take the same mealtime and daily breaks you would at your workplace. Short-changing yourself of breaks is going to leave you feeling well, short-changed.

*Let your co-workers know you're going on a break and mark yourself away on chat with an expected return time.


5. Take a Hike!

Take a Hike!


Even if the weather outside is awful your body needs to move and like your momma always told you the fresh air and natural light will do you good.

You don't have to go to crowded spaces - a walk in your garden or condo's roof deck or common areas will do the trick!


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